Sebastian Stan Movies Biography

Sebastian Stan Movies Biography

Sebastian Stan Movies (Film and TV actor) 2018-2019

Actor Sebastian Stan Movies, who is often compared to the young Mark Hamill, became famous after the blockbuster of the Russo brothers, “The First Avenger: The Confrontation”, in which the artist played a friend of Captain America, Bucky Barnes (codename Winter Soldier) Sebastian Stan Movies are very impressive.

Sebastian Stan was born on August 13, 1982, in the Romanian city of Constanta. When the future Hollywood star was barely eight years old, the artist’s mother, Sebastian Stan Movies who is a professional pianist, was invited to work in Vienna. So Stan was in Austria, in which he lived for four years.

In January 2017, the shooting of the fantastic tape of the Rousseau brothers Avengers: War of Infinity, which will premiere in 2018, began. It is known that in the picture, in addition to Sebastian, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, and Benedict Cumberbatch will appear.

In August, Fortune Logan’s comedy directed by Stephen Soderbergh was released. In addition to Stan, Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Seth MacFarlane, Daniel Craig, Sebastian Stan Movies and Katie Holmes starred in the film. The film tells about two brothers who want to organize a robbery in North Carolina, in which NASCAR races take place.

It is also known that Sebastian along with Anthony Mackie, Hayley Atwell, Chris Evans, and Tom Holland will be among the invited guests at the Arizona Comic-Con, which will be held from January 13 to 15, 2018.

Despite the heavy work schedule, the famous actor, 183 cm tall, masterfully combines work in the cinema with photo shoots for print and shooting in advertising. So, in September, the master of reincarnations appeared in the video of the German brand Hugo Boss, and in October appeared on the pages of the Los Angeles Times. Anyone who wants to, by logging into Stan’s Twitter or Instagram, can see pictures taken in the process.

First given name Sebastian Stan
Nickname Sebs, Baz
Age 36 Years
Birthday August 13, 1982
Place of birth Constanța, Romania
Star sign Leo
Hair Color Light Brown
Height 6 feet 
Weight 78 kg
Chest 42 Inch
Waist size 33 inch
Arms size 15 inch


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