Mena Massoud net worth

Mena Massoud net worth

Mena Massoud net worth (Actor, net worth)

So far, there is only Mena Massoud net worth one main role in the filmography of this charming smiling guy. Mena Massoud plays a close friend of the protagonist in the popular American TV series on the terrorist threat “Jack Ryan.” But in 2017, the actor pulled out a lucky ticket – the role of Aladdin in the same film, which was shot by Guy Ritchie himself. An adventurous oriental Mena Massoud net worth tale coming out in the spring of 2019.

Mena Massoud was born on September 17, 1991, in Cairo, Egypt. Mena’s parents are Coptic Christians. At 3, they took their son to Canada, namely the small town of Markheim in the province of Ontario, where he spent his childhood and youth. It is known that the guy has a sister named Margaret. The boy was in Catholic high school.

In 2017, when it became known that the famous British director Guy Ritchie was going to film the Disney project “Aladdin”, everyone was intrigued by the question – who would play the main characters – Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. Casting around the world was opened in March 2017, but by the beginning of summer, the search had not yet been crowned with success.

It was not so easy to find a young guy at the age of 20+ with a bright oriental Mena Massoud net worth is $2 million appearances who could play, sing and dance. Among the candidates for the role was called Indian Virgin Patel, Briton Reese Ahmed.

The shooting started in September, and Mena enthusiastically set about playing the role. He admitted that he was inspired by the work of his idol – an outstanding actor Robin Williams.

Now in production, in addition to “Aladdin”, there are 2 more full-length tapes. In Ricky Tollman’s directorial project “Run This Town,” Mena and Nina Dobrev play helpers of a large political figure (Damien Lewis) who help the boss avoid a scandal.

First given name Mena Massoud
Nickname Mena
Age 26 Years
Birthday September 17, 1991
Place of birth Markham, Ontario, Canada.
Star sign Virgo
Hair Color Black
Height 5 feet 6 inch 
Weight 67 kg
Chest 38 inch
Waist size 30 inch
Arms size 13.5 inch


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