Avenger’s endgame cast

Avenger’s endgame cast

Avenger’s endgame cast (2019) on the final stage

We estimate the avenger’s endgame cast seems that only yesterday, with one click of the fingers, Thanos destroyed half of all living creatures, promising that this would lead to balance in the Marvel universe. But now, when we saw the desolation of the Earth in the trailer “The Avengers: The Finale”, we can confidently confirm that Thanos is stupid, just like his entire mission related to the Stones of Infinity. Avenger’s endgame cast is expected in 2018.

Looking at the trailer shown during the Super Bowl 2019, you can see that the Earth has become worse, not better, as Mad Titan kept saying. Fans hope that this is not only a confirmation that is not only proved, as far as Thanos is stupid. In fact, his failing plan can help the Avengers defeat him once and for all.

At first glance, it is not difficult to look at what Thanos did with his home planet, Titan, this is a separate example. Since resources are limited, and the population is too much straining their ability to survive, Thanos proposed the following: to collect the entire population and destroy half. Avenger’s endgame cast date is announced.

thoughts boil down to the fact that the smaller the people, the easier it will be to live. He was called “crazy” for such a crazy idea and expelled. Where he wanted to divide the population in half at random, and thus make it fair, hunger and ruin eventually took over the entire planet.


Thus began his mission, as he explained to Gamore in the “War of Infinity.” He killed half of her people, including her parents. And yet, those who lived in her world could potentially have a bright future. By the end of the films, Avenger’s endgame cast he did the same in all worlds, including space.

When Marvel officials confirmed that animals and plants suffered as a result of Thanos, a serious problem arose even for the most casual fans. In fact, the main problem is that his plan was initially filled with obvious problems. Problems that would have been noticed if not for one important detail.

Fortunately, it is easy to notice. Kill half the Titans? The problem would be solved, and now each participant in the race may demand to the Avenger’s endgame cast double his previous share of food, water, and personal space. The same can be said about the people of Gamora. But follow the plan that Thanos made, destroy half of all plants, animals and any other living thing – and you just miss the point. But Thanos did not realize that he only aggravated the situation.

What does this mean in relation to Avengers: Final? Judging by the latest trailer, Thanos managed to kill the Earth, but did not make it more “balanced.” Our planet is probably not the only civilized world that still suffers the avenger’s endgame cast from the solution of Thanos. This means that the ground is being prepared for its inability to full effect it.

Avenger’s endgame cast 2019

Thanks to all sorts of “leaks” and theories, it became known that the role of Iron Man will be extremely important in “The Avengers: Final”, and also, as has been said many times before, the Quantum World will play a key role. Its cast no matter how heroes do, be it time travel, the help of the Quantum World, or the strength of Captain Marvel – you can still fight Thanos. Thanos is a little overconfident, and this may be another reason why his plan failed, perhaps it has already failed, or simply will not work as it should. It will be released on April 25, 2019.

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